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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I recieved your oils on Sat. you said you would send it out on Mon. I went to tell my postman to expect it late next week, he handed it to me, I was shocked that was very fast. I opened it and dug into the Bengal Supreme, you were correct I love it. The next one was the Cambodi Muattaq, I've been wearing it everyday, I got to be honest I didn't like it at all from the bottle but like you said in your description it's strong & gets better when it's on, so I read through the agarwood & other threads on base note, on one page someone said to put a very very small swipe on. I put a dot on my arm, WOW THIS OIL IS AMAZING, this lasts a long time, over 24 hrs it gets better (sweet or something) & stays strong. I read about people that say they can't get their nose out of the oudh, I thought they were kidding, this Cambodi Muattaq showed me what they meant.

I was used to Hindi oudhs till I started buying from you, you have opened a whole new world for me, I love this oud. I thought your last order was good, this one is the best ever I want to thank you for your Pure Oudh Oils. I am very happy with all your oudhs, it really is nice to find a good dealer & with reasonable prices! I love this experience in a bottle. Any Oudh lover with the money is a fool to pass up this deal, this is at least as good as any of those extra high priced Oudh sites, take this advice serious!

Thank you Hasan for the break you gave me, I didn't realize how much it was till after I ordered.
Date of Posting: 14 September 2011
Posted By: Kevin D
Massachusetts, USA
One must not deny oneself the guilt free pleasures of life and I found one recently in the purchase of Oudh.co.uk!

The perfume Oils are just the perfect for anyone who wants to indulge into something which not only reminds them the freshness of air, but also the fragrance it brings with its flow, which most of us dont appreciate.

Thank you Dear Mr.Hasan for being so prompt in promoting your products so truthfully.
Another Happy Customer, Evesham,U.K
Date of Posting: 12 September 2011
Posted By: hasin
Exceptional perfume oils. Very high quality and long lasting. There is no comparison to the numerous perfumes on sale in the shops. These oils are by far a 100% superiour. It was a happy day for me when I found this web site. The service is very quick and helpful. Thank you sooooo much. I will be back again to try more oils. Anne
Date of Posting: 03 September 2011
Posted By: Anne Huer
Perfume Addict, Norfolk.UK
I recieved your Oud oils a couple of days ago, it took 2 weeks from the day I sent the payment, Thank You for your excellent service! The quality of your oils were what I was hoping for, very good! I have been using aged Black Assam, thats why I wanted to try your Assam, its amazing how much the oil changes with time, I can tell your quality is good and plan to age yours now. I thought I liked the Irian the best, but the Thia oil is good also, woody, with a sweet, (not sickly sweet like others I've had) almost fruity middle ending with a nice base, my description anyway. You hear about shady dealers all the time, it is nice to have an honest company and will be trying more of your other pure Oud oils in the near future. Your packaging & shipping was also excellent!

Another happy customer Thanks,

Kevin D
Date of Posting: 29 July 2011
Posted By: Kevin D
Massachusetts, US
My interest in Arabia oil based perfumes was sparked by a gift from a visitor from Saudi Arabia. I loved the unusual but sensual smell of the oils that were long lasting and yet subtle. I received many compliments about my perfume. When the perfumes had all been used i began searching on-line and was delighted to discover this site.
i can confidently state that the service and quality of products is consistently high. I have ordered 3 times and the shipping time is super fast. i would highly recommend buying the samples in order to determine your favourite oils for future purchases.
Heartfelt thanks
Date of Posting: 19 June 2011
Posted By: S Dixon
I was initially sceptical, considering the vast distance between the two countries, but all of my expectations were exceeded. My first order arrived within two weeks, and my second order arrived with a gift and an upgraded fragrance free of charge.

Th elevel of service is exceptional and the quality of the fragrances are superb.

A definite thumbs up for service and quality

Many thanks Hasan
Date of Posting: 01 June 2011
Posted By: Muhammad Moolla
South Africa
I'm hooked and addicted to the smell of the musk.......true to it's descriptions strong and long lasting......really anyone whom might come across this websites should straight away order their fragrance now.....you won't be disappointed!!
Date of Posting: 28 May 2011
Posted By: Azni Qassim
New Oudh Fan, Singapore
I am absolutely delighted with my perfumes and adore the smells, I am converted for life and will be a regular customer. Great customer service is so hard to find these days, but not here - I have been given prompt, helpful and kind service, thank you. I'm going to look for my next purchase right now!
Date of Posting: 06 May 2011
Posted By: Sophie Robinson
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
i initially didnt think of the products being genuine as there are so many people selling cheap perfumes that its quite off putting when you spend lots of money. i think oud products are mashallah good quality and very genuine. i am very happy with my order and enjoy wearing the perfumes
Date of Posting: 30 April 2011
Posted By: naseer rehman
slough berkshire
Received your package a few days ago. It was perfectly wrapped so it arrived in perfect condition.
Was impressed by the quality and the subtle perfumes. I am enjoying them all.
Would also like to thank Hassan for his immediate suggestion for further assistance in finding some additional products for me.
For all these reasons, it is definitely a website I'll be using again and again in the near future.

Lots of luck in your business, you people deserve it.
Date of Posting: 29 April 2011
Posted By: Rose Oberle

I have just received my purchases. That of good smells. Professional, magnificent and quality service.
More need to command(order) in United Arab Emirates, I would command(order) again at home. Thank you still.
Bouchaib of Paris.
Date of Posting: 22 April 2011
Posted By: Bouchaib
homme de 40 ans, Paris
I purchased 9 samples and was highly impressed by the quality, then i purchased 2 Papua Ouds, my favourite.I am an Oud connoisseur and have purchased from Oriscent, Oud Select, Agar Aura and Agarscentsbazaar, who offered free samples generously.All are in USA and sell very high quality Oud.I am so happy to find this company here in my country with no shipping and custom problems.The best in UK,to my taste.No cheap, nasty and bad smelling Oud. just pure synthetic free OUD!
Keep it up Brother Hasan and im sure you will be successful indeed.
Date of Posting: 02 April 2011
Posted By: Ahmad Ali
Absolutely excellent, personal service!

The products' quality-price ratio is the best I've experienced, and their collection of high-quality Oudhs is finely made available for testing by their sample options.

I have been able to mix my own blends with Oudhs (and readily made perfumes provided by the company), to my own, my family's and friends' satisfaction.

I have dealed with them before and will eagerly do so again.
Highly recommended!

Thank you Hasan,


Jani Salo
Date of Posting: 29 March 2011
Posted By: Jani Salo
I just opened my purchase....I am very pleased! The smell of the oil I purchased is lovely and now I am hooked! I have since placed another order and am waiting for it to arrive.

I have found this web-site wonderful to deal with!
Date of Posting: 24 February 2011
Posted By: Carolyn Kelly
Kincardine, ON CANADA
I ordered some specialty Oudh from this outlet, and to my surprise it arrived at my door in Toronto, Canada within a week. In relative delivery timeframes for online purchases, I considered that very fast. The Oudh was good as well. I was very impressed, and I ordered some more.

I particularly liked the Oudh that comes in sealed containers, I’ve staked my reputation and recommended it to a few of my friends. Furthermore, as soon as I run out of my current supply, it’s highly likely that I’ll get some more from this same outlet.

For me, I’ve been searching for some affordable and yet good Oudh for years, I’ve asked every store keeper in Toronto if they had any good Oudh, and even bought offered to me on occasion. It either was not available, or not of good quality. And now this outlet here. Al Hamdulillah, I am grateful to Allah.
Date of Posting: 19 February 2011
Posted By: A. Mohammed
Toronto, Canada

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What is Oudh?

Oudh/Agarwood oil is derived from an Agarwood tree that grows abundantly in Laos, but is found all over Southeast Asia. The highest quality Agarwood trees can be found in the former countries of Indochina, such as: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Read more about oudh.

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