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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Today I received my order with the wonderful perfume oils. It is my first contact with perfume oils instead of perfume spray and I like them. The first impression is great, especially the white Oud oil is great. Thanks also for generous offer of the Dhenal Oud Maliki. It smells great and I'm looking forward to test that.
The pure Oud oils smell interesting but unexpected and I will need some time to test them. It is different from all I know but I'm sure I'll like them too.
I'm very happy with this first impressions and I think it is my first step to learn about and use Arabian perfume oils.
Thanks for all your help. I'm sure that this wasn't the last order.
I wish you a happy new year.
Kind regards,
Date of Posting: 27 December 2013
Posted By: Markus Libiseller
I just wanted to let you guys know what an amazing service I got. I absolutely adore all the scents that I purchased and you have a returning customer here.
Thank you so much!
Date of Posting: 10 December 2013
Posted By: Aggie
I have nothing but wonderful things to say for this site and it's perfume oils. I initially found one of the brands that they carry in the souq of Dubai (Ajmal) and fell in love.. Not realising the impact that these oils have on me and people around me. Amazing to say the least. I found this site in a massive search and have pure praise for them! The oils are packaged with care and the delivery swift! The Rose Musk, Golden Dust and White Amber have literally broken the necks of men while I walk in the street. NO JOKE. You have gained a life long customer. Thank you for helping me create new moments in my life.
Date of Posting: 22 November 2013
Posted By: Stephanie
I'm completely new to oudh & was given some sound advice on the phone. As a result, I ordered the 3 sample collection of Indian oudh which arrived promptly & safely. They are a wonderful introduction to these fascinating perfumes which are truly magical & totally different to 'normal' colognes & perfumes. oudh.co.uk are arguably the best source & are thoroughly recommended.
Date of Posting: 29 July 2013
Posted By: Richard
Run my own business as a piano teacher, photographer & writer, Northumberland
This site is a wonderful voyage of discovery for anyone unfamiliar with Arabian perfumes. The availability of 3ml sizes means that it is possible to try a large number of perfume oils without spending enormous sums of money. I have done so and loved most of them; I now prefer the oil format to Western sprays, and have found that oud is, at least in small doses, positively addictive.
Service is fast, friendly and very helpful

Date of Posting: 15 July 2013
Posted By: Denise Adams
United Kingdom
Perfume oils are very high quality . So far the best Iv come across . I absolutely adore your choice of oils listed here so I dont have to worry I would not like something. Well done !
Date of Posting: 31 May 2013
Posted By: Tatyana
United Kingdom
Have been looking for arabian perfume oil/attar for some quite time and came across oudh.co.uk. Honestly, this is the best website so far. The customer service is amazing and so are the products. Thank you so much for providing this amazing service.
I have recommended it to family and friends and do look forward for further shopping with oudh.co.uk
Date of Posting: 06 April 2013
Posted By: Bibi
London, UK
My order came today in very quick time, thankyou. I now have the pleasure of trying my new perfumes and burning my favourite Bakhoor. The bottle of Mena perfume has come in the most beautiful wooden box and so heavy , wonderfully designed bottle, it seems a shame to open it but I cant wait to try it! Thankyou again for producing such great quality perfumes and packaging. Annie
Date of Posting: 04 April 2013
Posted By: anne hamilton
love Arabian perfumes, Isle of man
I was searching for a special perfume, yet i discovered this excellent online shop. The descriptions of items cannot be more told!.
I recommend this site for perfume lovers!
Date of Posting: 07 December 2012
Posted By: Cem Camur
I would recommend this site to all of my friends and family as the service was first rate. My order came within a few days and the price is the cheapest that I have found on any other site. I am very happy with my purchase and will most definatly be a regular customer.
Date of Posting: 29 November 2012
Posted By: Debra
High quality and small prices. Your site is fantastic. Every perfume is a beautiful surprise!!
Maria Luisa
Date of Posting: 12 November 2012
Posted By: Maria Luisa Imperiali
WOW!I fallen in love whit arabian oils!I like every CPO i bought. And what about the bottles? amazing!Very high quality for really small price. Excellent service and costumer care.Higly recommended. Thank you!
Date of Posting: 08 November 2012
Posted By: Giorgia penzo
niche's perfume lover, Venice-Italy
My second order has just arrived and I am very pleased with all the samples . beautifully packaged and arrived safely. Already I have earmarked some to buy in a larger bottle next time. Many thanks for the perfume experience! Annie
Date of Posting: 01 November 2012
Posted By: anne hamilton
perfume lover, Isle of Man
Ho acquistato più volte profumi da voi, ultimo Mashaayer perfume oil ed ogni volta è stata una piacevole sorpresa. Ottimo il rapporto qualità prezzo e vMaria Luisaeloce la consegna. Complimenti!!!!
Date of Posting: 22 October 2012
Posted By: Maria Luisa Imperiali
My order was sent on 8th october and came the next day...fantastic and many thanks. I am trying the small samples first then I will buy the ones I prefer in a larger size. Having no idea what I was choosing, I have been very pleasantly surprised and love them all. It was a big help to read about each perfume first and the descriptions helped immensely. Thanks to Mr Khan and team. Annie , Isle of Man
Date of Posting: 09 October 2012
Posted By: anne hamilton
perfume lover, isle of man
I'm delighted with your site and feel a terrible need to try each and every item, preferably as soon as possible! I'm also really pleased with the quick delivery: from you to me inside a working week is very acceptable indeed. Everything I've received has been really carefully packed, even the littlest samples, which pleases me because I look forward like a child to getting the box and would be dreadfully disappointed to miss out on anything!

I have no expertise to comment on quality, really, but the scents seem to stay true, once they develop, from start to finish, with no "off-odours", thinness or sudden disappearance. That's not faint praise, by the way: far too many alcohol-based Western "name" perfumes vanish completely and annoyingly quickly, which is NOT ok when they cost such a lot.

Having worn one or other of your oils, or indeed several together, day and night for the past few months, I find myself becoming more and more entranced by these perfumes: I feel I've been missing something rather wonderful and, though I wear perfume for myself primarily, the appreciation and compliments they generate is a lovely little bonus.

I feel that they are such good value for money that I can afford to indulge myself completely, with a little kept nearby for applying for a peaceful ambiance reading at night by the fire, for working in the garden or doing humdrum everyday things, and I particularly like a little touch of floral oil for bedtime wear-and why not?? It's perfectly reasonable when the cost is so sensible and a pretty harmless little sin, I think!

All in all, you're a delightful discovery and it's really nice to know I have many other little treats to look forward to and a source of lovely and unusual gifts too. I thank you and wish you present and future success.
Date of Posting: 06 October 2012
Posted By: Michele
I'm new to Arabian oils, attar and Oudh, Ireland
service is ACE will recomend this site to anyone who like these kind of perfumes..
Date of Posting: 02 October 2012
Hello. I just thought I'd say that I recently acquired some pure oudh concentrates (that have recently been discontinued) that were simply marvelous. I have many manufactured oudh fragrances, so it was very nice to get these pure strength oils to add to my collection. The scents are quite strong and tenacious, lingering for days, and when it is cold the contents of the bottles becomes very thick and resionous. Included with my second package was a very nice array of fragrance oil samples which I had requested and am appreciating.
Date of Posting: 24 September 2012
Posted By: Steven Pauley
Scent enthusiast, Menlo Park, California
This is a amazing online shop i found suddenly one day when i was searching for araibian oils.i am very found of these type of oils.i am very happy that we have such place from where we can buy such a wonderful oils.I found this online service very fast and very trust worthy .
Date of Posting: 22 September 2012
Posted By: mrs aslam mahmood
Kingston Upon Thames, UK
I live in France, I am very fond of Fadeitak, it is available in 3ml, ordering and delivery was handled very quickly and I am very happy to recommend everyone to go shopping! !
Date of Posting: 19 September 2012
Posted By: Samir YAHIAOUI

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What is Oudh?

Oudh/Agarwood oil is derived from an Agarwood tree that grows abundantly in Laos, but is found all over Southeast Asia. The highest quality Agarwood trees can be found in the former countries of Indochina, such as: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Read more about oudh.

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