Rakaan by Swiss Arabain – 3ml


Rakaan is the most popular fragrance oil by Swiss Arabian.

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There is a protector, a victor deep inside us with a deep desire to win. This is the essence of Rakaan. The fragrance oil begins with fresh light crispy notes of grapefruit and Caribbean lime. Middle notes are inspired by the delicacy of lotus flowers and the evergreen precious Agarwood and the base culminates with the lingering essence of Agarwood and grey amber. Created for men, this awe-inspiring fragrance leaves you entranced in its grasp, epitomizing victory in every way.

This fragrance is usually sold by Swiss Arabian in a fancy bottle for a lot more. Rakaan has been the most popular Arabian perfume oil by Swiss Arabian for the past five years, its popularity and appeal isn’t diminishing one bit, the fragrance is unique and extraordinary, this attar perfume is truly great.

Fragrance Notes:
Top – Grapefruit, Caribbean Lime
Body – Lotus flower
Dry-Down – Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Agarwood, Ambergris, White Musk

Content: Approx. 3ml perfume oil
Bottle: Normal
Brand: Swiss Arabian
Suitable for: Men


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