Pure Sweet Hindi Sultan Sample


This is a 0.3ml sample of the Pure Sweet Hindi Sultan.

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This is a 0.3ml sample of the Pure Sweet Hindi Sultan.

The Oud sample will not fill the bottle completely as only 0.3ml whist the bottle can contain 1ml. We use a highly accurate jewelry scale to measure the 0.3ml (0.3 grams) sample. You will be able to get about 4-5 drops of pure Oud perfume from this Agarwood oil sample.

We would advise anyone who is new to Oud to try out the sample of an Agarwood oil first before purchasing a full bottle. Every Oud oil is different and everyone’s taste is unique, so we believe that there is an Oudh fragrance for everyone.

The sample is as illustrated in the picture (colour of Oudh may vary slightly due to lighting etc used whilst taking the photo).

Note: We do not accept returns of pure oudh samples.

Update 23rd August 2016: This is a sample from a new batch of Sweet Hindi Sultan.



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