Pure Cambodi Oud Premium – 3ml


The Cambodi Oudh Premium oil has been aged for many years and is extremely potent, our current favourite at Oudh.co.uk.

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This Cambodi has some of the most addictive scent flavors we have ever experienced in any oud oil, it is unique in that it is sweet from beginning to end. After spending months trying to find high quality pure Cambodian oud oil that hasn’t been adulterated or mixed with cheap synthetics, we finally found a trusted distiller with many years of experience and understanding of the correct distillation method to produce the best Cambodi oil without losing its hallmark sweetness and addictive characteristics, that leave those who fall in love with the legendary Cambodi oil distraught, when no longer available for their olfactory pleasure.

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, in the tropical zone, just 10-13 degrees north of the equator. Like most of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is warm to hot year round and the climate is dominated by the annual monsoon cycle with its alternating wet and dry seasons.

This Oudh is more than just a nice fragrance, a drop of the Cambodian Agar wood oil will softly invade your lungs, your mind, your body and spirit, taking total possession of you. You will smell that drop all day, it will come and go, and hit you when you least expect it.

This oil has been aged for many years and is extremely potent, our current favourite at Oudh.co.uk. The fragrance lasts a long time and is extraordinary. Comparable to oudh’s that are being sold for thousands of pounds/dollars.

A sample of this pure agarwood oil can be purchased here.

Content: 3ml
Bottle: Normal 3ml glass bottle, picture is for illustration purposes only.


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