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Ghaalib Perfume Oil by Al Aneeq Perfumes - 12ml

This perfume has a rich woody and oody flavor that lasts hours and hours. Apply thirty minutes before going out to benefit the most from the heart notes.

Base price: £8.95

A strong oudh perfume that isn't for the weak.

This is a wild, strong oudh fragrance, it smells wild and savage from the outset, after some hours it becomes more grave and serious, but the wildness stays with it! This is quite an awe inspiring scent and instills an atmosphere of danger around the wearer, when you smell this you will tread carefully around the person wearing this perfume!

Top Notes
Fruity-fecal: slight kiwinote; valerian-, butter- und capric-acide; valerianroot; castoreum

Middle Notes
Dehnal oudh cambodi, fecal-woody: castoreum, civette, guajacwood, patchouly
Base Notes
Woody-musky: cyprioticwood, guajacwood, amber, animal notes

Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil
Content: 12ml e
Applicator: Stick
Free from GMO plants, ethyl alcohol and animal ingredients
Suitable for: Men
Brand: Al Aneeq Perfumes
Picture: Bottle and box as pictured


Monday, 30 November -0001
Super strength oudh that lasts for hours and hours, dont buy if u dont fancy the heavy aroma of agarwood!


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What is Oudh?

Oudh/Agarwood oil is derived from an Agarwood tree that grows abundantly in Laos, but is found all over Southeast Asia. The highest quality Agarwood trees can be found in the former countries of Indochina, such as: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Read more about oudh.

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