Musk Fruit Perfume Oil by Al Aneeq Perfumes – 10ml


A must for all white musk lovers, you won’t be disappointed, if you have used white musk for years and are prepared to change to a new scent, then this is the ideal fragrance for you.


White musk with a heavy dose of fruit.

If you like white musk perfumes, then you will love the fruit musk, as it is based on the notes of the traditional white musk, with an extra dose of vibrant and fresh fruity notes, this exquisite scent has great sillage and develops further over time, like all great perfumes should.

Top Notes
Pomegranate, williams pear

Middle Notes
Cotton candy, raspberry

Base Notes
White musk, vanilla

Brand: Al Aneeq Perfumes
Quantity: 10ml e
Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil
Applicator: Roll on
Picture: As pictured


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