Indonesian Patchouli by Al Aneeq Perfumes – 3ml


A sample of Indonesian Patchouli by Al Aneeq.

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A classic patchouli scent from the far east, slightly more woody and smooth than other patchouli fragrances.

Fragrances smell different on certain peoples skin because of skin chemistry and factors such as fat content, diet and even medication. We advise all our customers to test the perfume first before applying on skin to smell the original scent profile, using a scent strip or an unscented tissue.

If you have dry skin, your perfume will last longer if you moisturise it frequently. Remember, the warmer your body temperature, the quicker your fragrance will evaporate.

Our skin is an organ and it secretes through the pores. So if we eat spicy foods, some compounds from these spices will make their way out of our skin and mingle with the applied fragrance – and change the overall scent profile. This perfume can also be applied on clothing that do not stain, instead of applying on skin.

Concentrated Perfume Oil
Content: 3ml e
Free from GMO plants and animal derived ingredients
Suitable for: Men & Women
Brand: Al Aneeq Perfumes
Picture: Comes in a similar 3ml bottle with a roll-on applicator.

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