Fadeitak Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabain – 25ml


Fadeitak is currently the biggest seller from all the other perfume oils and sprays being sold by Swiss Arabian.

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A tribute to eternal & selfless love, Fadeitak is a perfume of intimate moments and the simple pleasures of life. It blends the qualities of a classic perfume with its woody and ambery notes. The spicy notes mixed with Musk are at the heart of this composition. The fragrance culminates with ananimalic notes and the lingering essence of agarwood.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Note: Amber
Middle Note: Pepper, Musk
Base Note: Woody, Animalic, Musk

A sample of this perfume oil can be purchased hereFadeitak is currently (Feb 2012) the most popular perfume in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries, Fadeitak is also sold as a 45ml spray.

Content: Approx. 25ml Concentrated Perfume Oil
Bottle: As pictured
Brand: Swiss Arabian
Suitable for: Men & Women

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