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Shadha by Swiss Arabain

18ml CPO called Shadha by world famous Oriental perfume house Swiss Arabian.

Base price: £25.00

The delightfully sweet and sensual aroma of this oriental mukhalat has a very modern beginning derived from its fruity, spicy notes mixed with patchouli. Heart notes contain hyacinth, galbanum but ends with rich oriental notes of sandalwood, agarwood and musk enthralling ones senses. Shadha comes in a heavy gold metallized gem studded ornate bottle, encased in a gold and acrylic blue coffret box.

Top notes: Patchouli
Heart notes: Hyacinth, Galbanum
Base notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Agarwood

This is an alcohol free perfume, imported from the Arabian Gulf. High quality packaging complements this original, fine perfume oil. A must for anyone who loves perfume oils and sprays from this company.

The world famous Swiss Arabian in association with Givaudan Roure is one of the biggest perfumery house in the Arabian Gulf. They produce high quality, desirable fragrances that are very well received by men and women all over the world. Swiss Arabian concentrated perfume oil “Attar” is alcohol free, safe to use. This genuine Swiss Arabian perfume called Hassayat is of high quality and is long lasting.

Content: Approx. 18ml Concentrated Perfume Oil
Bottle: As pictured
Brand: Swiss Arabian
Suitable for: Men & Women


Monday, 30 November -0001
Very unique, different from the Western (American) excessive/oversold perfume- Shadha is just beautiful! The notes are described, and indeed, it's an artful blend of woodsy/floral. I've become immediately addicted to it :) If you seek a real, grown up perfume- like the old classics used to be- and not a sickly sweet lemonade, cotton candy, caramel popcorn 'gourmand' (like what presently dominates the present American market), this is SO worth a try... It's none of those things. Rather, it's a non-sweet, gorgeous, sexy fragrance. Very comfortable to wear- Smells divine! As a CPO (concentrated perfume oil), it wears closer to the skin than many American-marketed perfumes, which can enter a room before you, stink up an entire room & cause headaches, and linger long after your'e gone... In contrast, this CPO is a bit quieter- but still plenty strong- and does offer 'just right' sillage. Only as you move your arms/body around, a little whiff of this stunning perfume will elate those nearby you. I can't stop sniffing myself! Longevity is great too- ~12 hours. The bottle is artwork for display on your vanity! The screw-on cap, has a very long, thin, glass dipper attached (just like an old-fashioned glass thermometer), which dispenses plenty of CPO /per dip, on your selected spots- wrists, behind knees, neck, torso, etc. Rub it into your skin, & remember- Scent RISES- So don't forget your ankles & torso! :) It will last all day long. Enjoy!
Lisa Robertson


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