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Night Dreams Perfume Oil - 25 ml

A gentle, wonderful blend of high quality pure Sandal and Dehnal Oud.

Base price: £22.95

A gentle, wonderful blend of high quality pure Sandal and Dehnal Oud. The pure oriental fragrance is wrapped in a exotic bottle and is presented in a beautiful box. The Perfume is applied by a glass stick that is attached to the bottom of the lid.

Top notes which are experienced first contain strong scent of Oudh , then fade into mellower heart notes where the Sandalwood ingredient is apparent, which finally dry down to the base notes which consist of a subtle blend of both main ingredients. A truly amazing perfume which lasts a long time and a slight dab of the perfume is sufficient for the whole room to fill with the beautiful fragrance...

Content: 25 ml - Perfume Oil or Attar
Fragrance: Sweet with a strong hint of Agarwood
Brand: Al Haramain
Suitable for: Men


Monday, 21 September 2015
This perfume oil really shows its beauty after several hours of wear. Initially its like cumin-ny on my skin but dries down to this gorgeous musky clean scent that lasts till the following day. The time it takes to get to that stage is far too long but strongly recommended for those wanting to try an Arabic oil that is low in oud and sugariness. It is MAGNIFICENT!
Daiva Guzeviciute
Monday, 30 November -0001
Night Dreams Concentrated Perfume Oil (CPO):

Note: This is the same perfume as the EdP form, but in a concentrated oil.

"Gentle" Sandalwood & Oudh??? Not so gentle. This CPO is absolutely the most intense, longest-lasting perfume I've ever, ever experienced. It is MAGNIFICENT! In this CPO concentration, the perfume wears a bit closer to the body (as contrasted with the Eau de Parfum Spray, which generates a much wider aura of fragrance surrounding the body). Additionally, this CPO formula lasts like nothing else... Days, weeks even, on clothing. (I put some on my wrists, and worked on my laptop- which has remainded intensely fragranced for a full month!)

Yes, it is a masculine scent... But, as an American woman, oh how I love this exotic, rich, intense woodsy blend!

A tiny dab goes a VERY long way- One bottle will last nearly a lifetime, in my humble opinion. Also, not to be overlooked, is the beauty of the bottle on my vanity. My teenager brings all her friends to my vanity to show off the pretty metallic-caged perfume oil! A visual and sensory work of art, and an incredible value!

Sillage: 9/10
Longevity: 10/10
Gender: Masculine, but women may enjoy wearing it too!
Lisa Robertson


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